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At Community Healthcaring Kitchener-Waterloo’s Refugee Health location we provide evidence based, patient centred primary care to refugees in Waterloo Region through a trauma informed lens.


Our focus is on health promotion and illness prevention as well as addressing social determinants of health to promote the wellbeing of refugees and their community integration.


Refugees have health needs that are unique when compared with the general Canadian population. There are more physical disabilities and chronic injuries in this population because of war and other exposure to violence. Also, mental illness and distress are common in this population due to past traumas.


Our health providers draw on specialized medical knowledge and use skills, like cross-cultural communication to address individual needs and work together with our clients through their healing journey.

Our health care team members include Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Registered Practical Nurses. Some specialized services are offered onsite including pediatric consultations and obstetrical care done by a family physician obstetrician.


Client navigators and clinical assistants provide support with system navigation and help reduce barriers to accessing health and community services.


A Social worker provides a safe space for newcomers to talk about their experiences, grief and loss, trauma, self regulation, anxiety strategies and much more.


We do offer onsite interpretation: A certified medical interpreter works closely with the medical team facilitating communication with patients and advising on culturally sensitive matters.

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We are pleased to offer online appointment booking!

Book Appointment at 310 King St. E.

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Community Healthcaring KW’s Refugee Health team offers multiple services for community providers. We are available for formal consultation by health providers, either by fax (1-855-388-4437) or through OTN eConsults (after accessing this through OTNhub.ca, search for “Dr. Michael Stephenson” as the consultant). We welcome questions about various refugee health issues and challenges such as:


  • diagnosis or treatment of illnesses that are uncommon in Canada, such a schistosomiasis, entamoeba, G6PD, etc.

  • diagnosis and/or management of traumatic or transcultural mental health

  • assessment of medication where brand names are unfamiliar

  • assistance with complex determinants of health needs

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